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Thread: Study Your Highway Code First

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    Default Study Your Highway Code First

    A bit of advice to anyone contemplating taking driving lessons...

    BEFORE you get behind the wheel, study the Highway Code.

    Get to know the rules of the road BEFORE you drive on the road.

    As the saying goes, " A LITTLE KNOWLEDGE IS DANGEROUS." That being the case, can you imagine how dangerous no knowledge must be?

    Take a look at this link....
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    Very good advice, also try and go out with family or friends to a car park and spend time practising clutch control before your first lesson. That's what I've been doing and it'll be alot easier when starting my lessons

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    Having first checked the vehicle is insured for you to drive, the driver is able to accompany a learner, and you have L-plates on.

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    True. Good advice

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