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    Hi I just wanna ask that I just got my self a provisional licence. I was driving on my international licence from last one year. I drive perfectly fine but just wanna know that can I drive with my provisional licence by my self? I have insurance and everything. I have both licences with me. To get a full uk licence might take a month and I have work to go to so have to use car.

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    Welcome to the site sam.praja, No you cant drive on your own if you have a provisional license, also you need to have "L" plates showing at the front and rear of any car that you are driving,........with a qualified driver with you.

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    You can only drive on an international licence for 12 months after becoming resident in the UK. After that you have to pass a UK test. If you get a provisional licence and you have been in the UK for more than 12 months you have to have supervision and L plates.

    You are OK until the 12 months is up - then you are just another learner.

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    No completely true. The dutch licence is valid in the UK as well

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