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Thread: Tyre Garage Policy Locking nut Breakage and Safety

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    Default Tyre Garage Policy Locking nut Breakage and Safety

    Recently my 57 plate Zaferia required 4 new tyres (I have had the car from new and this is the first set to be replaced).
    I am on active duty with the Navy so I instructed my wife to take the car to get them replaced.
    When replacing the tyres when the locking nut sheered and the company had to drill the rest of the Locking Bolts out.
    The Tyre company said to my wife that this happens sometimes and they are not to blame!
    I earlier in the week replaced the worst tyre by hand so I find it hard that the locking nut would sheer.

    My question is in three parts.

    1. Is this statement correct as the car is in there care?
    2. On further inspection they have not replaced the bolts with the spares I hold in the car, so my wife is now driving around with 4 bolts in all the wheels not 5.
    That has to be a safety issue?
    3. What happens if they have damaged the threads on the wheel hubs?

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    I would insist that the tyre garage replace your locking wheel bolts with genuine Vauxhall parts. My guess is that they used an air gun, as, as you say, you used it OK just a while ago. If, as they say, they have prior knowledge of the likelihood of the parts failing, they should have pointed this out to your wife initially. If the hubs are damaged, they should replace these also, at their expense. They are supposedly professionals, so should do a professional job.
    As to only having four bolts, check with Vauxhall, as wheel fittings are usually 'over-engineered' to allow a large safety margin.

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    There are specific instructions when fitting or removing locking wheel bolts/nuts. A garage must NOT use an air gun as Rolebama has said above. The wheel bolts should be tightened to 110 newton metres of torque as spedified by Vauxhall using a torque wrench. Another garage would soon be able to tell you if the wheels have been properly tightened. The tyre garage is, in my view, responsible and must repair the fault by supplying and fitting genuine locking bolts from the dealer.

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    Thank you very much for the reply.
    Asked wife to take car to the Vauxhall dealership.
    Will let you know the outcome.

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