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Thread: VW Polo 06' Engine Management Light

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    Default VW Polo 06' Engine Management Light

    Sorry for posting in the wrong section of the forum. Please Moderators, feel free to delete this thread. Sorry again

    Hi everyone,

    As my username suggests, I dont understand anything about cars but here is my predicament.

    We have a VW Polo 06 reg and some time ago the Engine Management Light came on. We took it for a diagnosis and they said there was a fault with spark plugs and coils (something along those lines ). Everything was replaced and fixed. Same day the light came on again, normally when the car was idle, e.g. waiting on the traffic lights. The light would start flashing and then the car would choke and almost stall, turning the engine off and back on solved the problem. So we took the car back in, they checked everything and said it was potentially a problem with the ECU and that it needs replacing. However, ever since the second visit to the garage the light has not come on at all. I have read on other forums that sometimes it takes a few days for th ECU to register an issue has been rectified. Is that correct? Should I still take the car to have the ECU replaced?

    I would appreciate any suggestions and many thanks in advance.

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