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Thread: Neighbour hit my car but am worried it's a wrote off. Dont want to loose it.

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    Default Neighbour hit my car but am worried it's a wrote off. Dont want to loose it.

    Any advice would be great.
    My neighbour reversed into my Classic ltd Edition Escort Cabriolet. She has broken the front bumper and off side wing. I have researched and think it's about 600/700 damage as the parts are so hard to come by now.
    It is a 90% chance that it is beyond ecinomical repair as far as insurance are concered but she is saying thats the only way she is willing to do it.
    How do I go about insurance claims? do I take her details? Does she need mine?
    She didn't tell me she done it I watched her do it and waited 45 mins before I went and knocker her door asking if she was going to tell me about the damage she had caused to my car. No police have been called but should I tell them? Should I report her for leaving the scene of an accident?
    Sorry for so many questions but I have never had a claim so am very upset.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Welcome to the site mumof4, yes contact your insurance company straight away, before she takes the chance to put a different story up to her insurance company, which we all know, is not unheard of?

    Leave it up to your insurance company to act on your behalf, you can always explain the cars original condition to them, but Im sure they will know all that already, as they have all the cars details already, good luck.

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    As Smudger says, inform your insurance company asap. Give them her registration number (they can find her insurer from this) or if you know her details like the insurance company, full name and address and telephone number this will speed things up.
    You should take pictures of the damage to your car, pictures of her car, pictures of the scene i.e. the road layout, where her car was, your car was etc etc. It all helps and write down what she said and what you said when you went to the door.
    Technically she must report an accident 'as soon as is reasonably practicable' so unless she was suffering shock or other injury, she should have notified you immediately. The police are very unlikely to become involved in this accident unless there are other driving offences such as no driving licence, insurance or MOT etc.
    If the worst did happen and the insurance company did want to write the car off, you can refuse their offers and argue your case. You do not have to accept what they say about the value of the car. If it was written off, you can buy the car from the insurance company for a much smaller amount and then have it repaired yourself but it would be on the accidnet register which would greatly reduce its future sale value.

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    The Police will not be interested as it is damage only. They only become involved generally when there is injury or other issues arise such as allegations of traffic offences or the road is blocked.

    The other driver however has technically commited the offence of failing to stop and report an accident, (which you can use as suitable ammunition if she plays up) but by and large, as mentioned by the previous poster, report it to your insurance company and let them sort it out.

    If your vehicle is written off as beyond economical repair, then you can enquire whether you will be allowed to purchase the salvage which means that you keep your car for a reduced amount and the cash you get can be used to repair the car by whatever means you feel are most suitable.

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    It might also be worth considering agreed value insurance. There are a number of companies around who do this. I used them but found that you do get slightly inflated premuims.

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