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    Anyone else see last night's news item about the development of synthetic meat? Apparently, stem cells are being used to create srips of muscle which. The first stage is the creation of a hamburger. Prof. Mark Post claims that synthetic meat could reduce the environmental footprint of meat by up to 60%. The usual reasons for this type of work have been trotted out: increasing world population needing more food, not enough land for natural farming methods, less animal slaughter, etc.
    I see these apocalyptic predictions from a different angle. Over the millions of years, this planet has reinvented itself many times. The dinosaurs were wiped out, the human population has been on the brink with famine, flood, etc. in the distant past. Nature will continue to adjust the environment to suit its needs, and people could become one of its non-necessities. We should never forget that, whilst we need the planet, the planet doesn't need us.

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    I have lost all faith in this, and all similar kinds of research. I would not knowingly eat anything that is not grown in a 'normal' way. (For a given value of 'normal').

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