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Thread: Warranty Claim Problem

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    Default Warranty Claim Problem

    I took out my warranty with Warrantywise in the 2nd week of January 12 after extensive research of warranty companies.
    After asking many questions via email to WW apart what they cover, what would happen if the part became faulty etc and was given many assurances.

    Unfortunately within 3 weeks of my cover during the weather change in Britain becoming much colder, one morning while commuting to work a noticed a shudder when the gears changed in my A4 Multitronic gearbox.

    I immediately took it to the garage where they advised it was a common fault with the ECU (a part which is covered in my cover) which required replacing and kept my car at the garage while contacting WW.
    My garage contacted WW and gave information regarding the fault.
    It took WW 2 days to get in contact with me requesting my full service history proof and MOT.
    I sent an email back with the proof requested on the same day and it took another 2 days for them to respond and advise they did not receive my email.
    I simply forwarded the original emails I had sent back and then had to chase them 3-4 times during the day before they finally advise most likely an inspector would be coming out but could not confirm until Monday.

    My car had been kept at the garage for 5days now.

    Called WW on Monday as again hey had failed to contact me, which they advised an inspector would be coming to see the car on Tuesday.
    Tuesday came and went and no phone call. Chased WW at the end of Tuesday and they said they would have the inspectors report by Wednesday.

    Wednesday came and I finally Received a call during Wednesday afternoon.

    Unfortunately due to you not returning a signed copy of the warranty plan, we have rejected your claim.
    I had to explain and forward my email trail of proof that a warranty plan was already accepted via email and the sales rep at the time had advised my warranty was up and running.
    However they required me to again send a confirmation email that I accepted their T&S's before they could progress my claim and they would not deal with me until I did regardless of the fact of the email trail proof and monies taken.

    Once I sent the confirmation this morning I had to chase 3 times during the day and finally 10mins before the repairs team closed, I got a phone call saying they have rejected my claim based on the grounds that since taking out the policy I covered only 380miles and therefore the failure must of been progressing before taking out the warranty cover.

    At no point this failure was transparent before the cold weather and since owning the car, there was no other times the car had shuddered.

    I have asked them for proof of how it is a progressive fault but I don't believe they will be able to prove it.

    During the time this claim was going on I got my partner to email them and get information on what grounds they cover the ECU on the gearbox and they said as long as there was proof it was working and and pre-inspection was not needed, they would be able to cover the part.

    I am going to summarise a letter/email to the director of the company and see if anything further can be down but after my nightmare experience of 2 weeks where my car is still at the garage, I am not optimistic at all.

    Would would you advise I do with my approach?


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    Not the same as you posted 2 days ago??

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    What was not the same?

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