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Thread: Feel like i'm never going to get it!!

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    I think the chief difference is, the driving instructor’s car has dual controls, and he is in control therefore, he can be much more relaxed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Santa View Post
    It is well known that husbands and fathers make the worst instructors. A cliche but mostly true.
    So very true. Because he learned way back in the 60's dad has a different way of driving to me and he get's annoyed when I drive in a different way.

    I mentioned elsewhere I had to drive the family Land Rover Freelander 2 home from Cumbria after dad broke his ankle on Sunday which was the extra day we were given by friends we stay with in a village deep in the very south of the county. We were due to leave on the evening but had to go to Lancaster hospital to put a temporary plaster cast on it. I managed fine driving from one side of the country to the other but we dad just reached the exit of the village with the motorway and he criticised me. He said because the Freelander is a diesel I couldn't put the car in 1st gear when at a junction.

    Just drive your way. You will find a way that suits you.

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