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    Default Honda Accord And Honda Civic

    We have an Accord & a Civic both 2005 models owned from New

    They are both average cars but have had a few major issue over the last 6-7 years


    Timming chain failed , Manifold Failed both were replaced under the Honda extended warranty since the car was over 5 years old at the time. Fuel consumption was reasonable, no where near the 50mpg as stated for the 2.2i-cdti more in the range of 32 mpg.

    Civic, type S

    Bearing has failed in the gearbox twice over 6-7 years, Honda have recalled some models but not the 1.6 type S version. so much for reliability

    we wont be buying Honda's again, Gona go back to BMW's

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    This isn't a 'review' as such is it?


    Timming chain failed , Manifold Failed both were replaced under the Honda extended warranty since the car was over 5 years old at the time.
    As for this I would say that is excellent customer service!

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    Sorry to read you felt so disappointed by Honda. I have been happily driving my Civic 1.6 vtec for just over ten years without a hitch. Starts like a dream every morning, accelerates safely past long vehicles on the motorway and is very economical around town too.

    ... and before you ask, no I am not employed by Honda.

    Beemers are well known to be another good make - I wish you joy and satisfction.

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    I've never heard anything bad about Honda's, until now, they are well known for being reliable.

    In fact most Japanese cars, including our Mazda, are the same. I have heard that BMW spares are expensive, but never having owned one, I wouldn't know.

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    Unfortunately, most manufacturers build quality has gone downhill over the last ten years or so. Some more so than others, and some more noticeably than others. Coupled with the competetive nature of the VOSA consumption tests, and the tendency to make everything reliant on computer systems also means reliability suffering as none of the dealerships have technicians with degrees in computer science, let alone basic vehicle electrics. (You only have to look at some of the questions in Tech and Maint to see this.) At the end it is the consumer who suffers with a car full of technology that nobody understands, and is, in some cases, fighting within itself because of incompatability issues.

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    Well, yes that is an issue however we all are so much technology dependent these days that using the old style of driving wont help. I agree the manufacturers have gone cheaper to mint more money but that what they are doing business for. Hope that makes sense.

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