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Thread: Mondeo Fault Codes, Lots Of Them !!

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    Question Mondeo Fault Codes, Lots Of Them !!

    Hi folks, a newbie here, so all help and advice will be much appreciated !
    I will try to include as much info as possible here !

    My car is a 2005, Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCI, 130, Manual. Hi miles at 172,000.

    Car has been regularly maintained and looked after. Only mod done was a single mass flywheel conversion and clutch replaced approx 6500 miles ago.

    Anyways, the glow-plug light started flashing, loss of power and the engine sounded like an old fx4 hackney cab !! Cut out, but after a minute it would restart no problems. Happened about once every ten days or so. My weekly commute is just short of 400 miles a week and she runs sweet any other time !

    Fitted a new fuel filter (Ford part) ran injector cleaner through as well, oil and air filter changed, blew the fuel lines through from the tank to the filter, all clear. Changed the camshaft sensor, it was black in colour and the new one was grey in colour. Removed the EGR Valve, cleaned out and re-fitted.

    And so, on to this morning !! Same symptoms but it happened 12 times on my 35 mile drive !! Wouldnt restart the last time and had to be towed in the last couple of miles !
    Plugged the computer in at work and there was 6 codes stored, these being;
    P0251, P1211, P2288, P0325, P1608, P2623,

    Cleared all the codes and she started first time and ran really sweet.
    Checked all the connections to the injectors, sensor on the fuel rail, metering valve on the pump and all were dry and secure. No leakage from any injectors. Drove around the yard a few times and the idle was slightly eratic, falling away and then picking up again.
    Gonna try and change the Crankshaft sensor tomorrow and thats the easy cheapy stuff out the way !
    Left it at work as there was a spare van handy, so the question is, what to do next ?
    Will post up a picture from the code reader, taken on my phone, so probably not much use ?

    Love this old car and would like to get her back running sweet again, so any advice or tips to try would be most welcome. Oh, I should add here, I aint a mechanic but a Coachbuilder, so dont be too harsh on me !

    Many thanks in advance,
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    P0251 - fuel pump metering control
    P0325 - knock sensor circuit malfunction
    P1211 - injector control pressure high/low
    P1608 - engine control module malfunction
    P2288 - injector control pressure too high
    P2623 - injector control pressure regulator open circuit

    What codes reappear after you clear them? The common issue is fuel pressure too high and the last code, P2623 pressure regulator electrical fault, i.e open circuit, points to failure of the regulator and failure will cause non start. However, one or more faulty injectors can cause all these codes too especially the P0251.

    Next step is to put the car on a proper diagnostic tool and get the live data readings for:
    the fuel pressure, cranking and idling,
    injector quantity adjustment readings,
    re check for fault codes once the engine has been running for a few minutes.

    If you remove the injectors for testing, ensure they go back in the same cylinder or you have to get them coded in using diagnostic tools.

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    Hi Hometune, thanks for your assistance.
    Changed the Crankshaft Sensor today, cleared all the codes and road tested her.
    She stumbled a bit on idle when cold and cut out after 15 secs. Restarted straight away, 6 miles later and there were no glow plug lights flashing or engine management light on.
    2codes stored this time, PO251 and P1211.
    So at an uneducated guess, we checked all the wiring and plugs, checking for corrosion, chaffing and continuity and all was fine.
    As she runs fine 90% of the time do we plump for injectors, or the Metering Valve on the pump ? I could pick up a 2nd hand Metering Valve and try that first ?
    Or would it be the regulator valve at the end of the common rail ?
    Apoligies for all the questions mate, I have a naturally inquisitive mind !
    I have a pic of the diagnostic readout, but unable to post pics on this forum unfortunately.

    Many thanks again for your interest, its much appreciated

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    Well, the 2 codes agree but without a diagnostic tool plugged in its impossible to say which component is at fault. BTW the component at the end of the rail on the driver's side is the fuel rail pressure sensor.
    As you don't need to code it in, possibly cheapest option is to try a secondhand fuel pressure regulator control solenoid on the pump (if it is a separate item). Just remember that the fault may be an injector or the pump itself.

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    Righty, the story so far goes like this !

    Went into work this morning and as we are expanding, the yard is really busy. As my Mondeo is sitting in an office space, and my weekend car, my Dodge Ram is taking up another two, as thats what I am using to get back and forth at the moment, I was kinda nudged to get it moved ! Fair dues !

    So with the same two codes as above, and the management light on, I drove her the 35 miles home tonight !! Onboard read out says an average of 52.1 mpg and she never missed a beat ! No cutting out, no hesitation etc ! Arrived home, light still on and going great ? What a strange motor !
    Will try a replacement fuel pressure regulator solenoid on the pump and see how it goes.
    Will post up and keep anybody who may be interested as to the outcome.
    Hometune, thanks for your assistance mate, its appreciated as all this computer stuff is strange to me. I can still remember setting my points on my Triumph Herald with a fag packet !! Everydays a schoolday though !!


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    State of play so far ! Fitted a fuel metering valve on the hi pressure pump, didnt make any difference !
    Also fitted a new fuel pressure regulator sensor on the common rail, again, still no difference !
    Removed the fuel filter and drained it into a clear plastic tub and ran a magnet around it, nothing ?
    Drove the thirty odd miles to work and never missed a beat. Went out to go home at the end of the shift and it broke down 7 times on the way home !!

    Its booked in this Monday for a wee shot on a Ford computer. One mechanic is sure its the injectors, and the other mechanic reckons its the pump !

    Will keep you informed !!


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    A fuel leak off test on the injectors would show if one was returning too much fuel to the tank. Or, on the diagnostic tool, compare the readings for the injected quantity of all 4 injectors. My best guess is the injectors as they are a common problem. You only have to Google Ford injector repairs to see how many do this work.

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