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    I want to ask about the insurance claim. I had an accident at roundabout. The other driver cut in front of me hitting my driver side headlight and front bumper in order to take the exit to my left. She was on right lane and very fast didn't even check her left for my car. She is not taking her liability and saying that I hit her car

    Now problem is we don't have any witness and insurance company is saying that we may have to settle on 50;50. Please advise whats that? and also my car has been damaged and taken to garage. They told that it has to be written off.. . what to do

    Also insurance company is now saying that my insurance cover only Social and domestic excluding commuting and i was coming from office so it is not covered.. BTW that day I have taken the car as i have to drop my daughter to child care (first day of the Christmas holiday) and I have to do some shopping. Don't know what to do.. so stressed. 4 th day in row when I can't sleep properly..

    I am a secondary driver on the car.. what would happen to NCD of my partner?

    I have checked my previous policies and they do have social and commuting and I don't know when my cover has changed to excluding commuting..

    Please advise before I die out of stress

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    This story has been and is still being covered in another section.

    It would be helpful to keep them in one thread so as to avoid double posting as TC1474 is an expert in this field.

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    Thank you Hometune. I thought as its related to insurance so I should post it here. this is my first incident and I am a new member. Please this thread can be closed. Thanks again.

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