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Thread: Generating electricity.

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    Quote..."I grew up in the Highlands when the hydro-electric dams etc. were being built"

    Aye! so did I, and when I was on the local mountain rescue team in the late 60s, we used to use those massive pylons as reference points, as they were even shown on our maps?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wagolynn View Post
    Dinorwig power station is a pumped storage power station. When the national grid has spare capacity Dinorwig pumps water from the lower lake to the upper lake thus storing energy. When the grid is short or sudden peaks Dinorwig releases water from the upper lake to generate electricity to supply the grid. Pumped storage systems are the only practical way of storing large amounts of power. The French tidal barrage does the same, as well as using the tidal flow to generate.
    Exactly the point I was trying to make, It does not actually generate electricity per se. It is just a poor (and very expensive) way of storing a reserve of electric for later when there are peak demands.

    These types cannot be classed as power stations, As without power from another power station they simply would not produce any electricity.

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