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Thread: Winter tyres / sizes etc

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    Default Winter tyres / sizes etc

    Hi all,

    I'm going to buy some winter tyres for my 60 reg Mondeo Titanium CDTI which currently has the manufacturer recommended 235x45 W17 tyres fitted.

    From my small amount of research, it seems that
    1) a less wide tyre would be better in snow
    2) a higher profile tyre would also be better

    I have validated with RAC Insurance that if I put winter tyres on that are the same size and speed rating then I do not need to inform them. However, if I change any parameter then it would need to be logged as a modification (more money no doubt!)

    Anyway, does anyone have comments about reducing the width of the tyre or increasing the profile for winter use (and by how much would be sensible)?

    Further to that, on reviewing the Auto Express Winter Tyre Review 2011, it seems that the best Winter tyres are just fine year round now and so I am thinking of simply getting a good set and leaving them on. However, the question of tyre width would again come up, this time because the tyres could (based on my first question) potentially be narrower than manufacturer recommended but would then be so year round. Any comments from that angle?

    Many thanks!


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    Most manufacturers give a 'range' of tyre suzes, usually in the Handbook. Going for the highest profile and narrowest they recommend. It is also worth phoning Ford to get acceptable alternatives, as some manufacturers do give different parameters for winter tyres.

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    Ford dealers are advertising winter tyres at the moment on special deals.

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