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    A month or two ago i had an incident with a car on a motorway. There were roadworks and the cars in front kept stopping and starting, as i'm pulling off the motorway the traffic eased up but the car in front kept putting his brakes on and off lightly. So i'm following, have my young kids in the car so i wasnt driving like an idiot, when i see his back end rear up - he'd basically slammed on. As soon as i noticed, i slammed on. He's in a brand new 5 series, i'm in a 10 year old car so obviously his brakes are better than mine, my ABS kicked in but that didn't stop me lightly pranging the back of him. It wasn't really at a great speed either.

    So we pull out of the way and exchange details. I take a photo of the damage on his which looks very superficial and minimal tbh. The damage looks like scrape marks on the bumper and the tow eye cover had popped out of place. With 3 weeks left before i get a years no claims i said i don't want to go through insurance and will settle outside of it, he said it's a company car but there shouldn't be a problem.

    So a few weeks go past and i'm ringing the other driver a lot to chase things up, to have no reply. On the few occasions i get through to him he says he can't understand why i haven't been contacted and will get on to them. Next thing i get a letter from my insurance saying his fleet company had notified my insurance. Called my insurance and told them i'm sorting it myself so they now know. By the time i got the fleet company's number and rang them they'd already had the damage assessed and the car booked in for repair, telling me they were told after notifiying my insurance that i wanted to settle outside of insurance, but they're happy to deal outside my insurance.

    So i get a letter the other day saying i collided with his stationery vehicle which is wrong for a start, and theyre asking for 1,339.25

    I obviously cant afford this and think they are royally taking the p*ss. I told the fleet company i took pictures of the damage in case they send me a ridiculous quote, but it looks like they're not bothered.

    Now i dont know what to do. Do i challenge them with my photographic evidence? How would i go about that? Or do i go through my insurance and pay even more for it? And if i do, will this affect anything on my new policy? My new policy is with a different company with no claims protection, or will that be void/ruined now because of this?

    Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stradders View Post
    So i get a letter the other day saying i collided with his stationery vehicle which is wrong for a start,
    Isn't that exactly what you've described?

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    I would say; the least amount of hassle would be to pass it to your insurers. In your terms and conditions, you will see you are supposed to report any incident to your insurers claim or not. The cost does not look too high, as you have probably damaged the crumple zone at the back of the car. (Crumple zone - part of the car designed to collapse easily to absorb some of the shock of an impact.)

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