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Thread: Hundreds Snared In Uninsured Driver Action

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    This is not intended to be political but, on today's radio, Nick Clegg is berating the FA for not having an "acceptable percentage" of black managers.
    When anyone parades this type of rhetoric, I am always annoyed by the lack of simple intelligence. Whatever their opinions, two factors will always decide the outcome:
    (1) The right person for the job.
    (2) People themselves will decide what type of jobs they wish to fill.
    The powers-that-be have no right to apply the colour/ethical background of a person for any particular job. That is tantamount to treating people like shop window dummies; to be positioned to suit some kind of decorative taste. And it is insulting to people viewed in this manner.

    Sorry to deviate from topic, but felt it needed saying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wagolynn View Post
    Are you certain it was not CCTV cameras that were removed?
    CCTV & NPR`s

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    Davesdad, are you referring to the incident reported here?

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