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    I agree with your caution... Here is an extract from the other insurers Terms and Conditions where it defines a 'Breakdown':

    Breakdown - mechanical or electrical breakdown (failure or breakages), lost ignition keys or damage which is caused by an accident, vandalism, or theft and results in you not being able to drive the vehicle.

    There are other sections that also need to be considered but as a basis it is a good start and having spoken with them, and the other big players, they seem very clear and do not appear to be hiding things through ambiguous statements.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rolebama View Post
    Beelzebub, there is no 'blanket' law for driving to a place of repair. It is a section of each individual law which allows us to do so.

    If you think about it you can satisfy yourselves that such clauses exist because of the introduction of The Vehicle Defect Rectification Scheme (VDRS). This gives you seven days to have the fault rectified. Also you are allowed to drive a vehicle home, or to a suitable place of repair, with a Failure MOT Certificate.

    Can you give an example of such a clause? I can't find one.

    I also note that use of the VDRS scheme is entirely at the police officer's discretion. According to Avon & somerset plod: "It might well be that the officer at the time of the vehicle check may decide that it is not appropriate to offer the VDRS. In this case, you could be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice or receive a Court summons as result of being reported."

    That seems to imply that no such "escape" clauses exist.

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