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Thread: Car damaged during it's MOT

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    Default Car damaged during it's MOT

    I took my car in for it's MOT today. It was fine when I left it. I received a phone call later today telling me it had failed, as the driver's door would not open from the inside. When I left my car at the garage it did not have this problem as I got out of my car with no problem and was witnessed by the man in the garage and a work colleague of mine who had come with me to take me back to work. The man in the garage then told me my car had gone to a different garage to have it's MOT. I asked for this garage's number. I rang the number and mentioned the type of car I had they immediatly asked if I wanted to speak to a manager. When I spoke to him he said he had got into the car, driven it to his garage and then could not get out. The car is now back at the original garage and will stay there overnight. I am contacting the garage owner in the morning to discuss who is to pay for the repair. My car also had a pre-MOT check done by the garage I took it to and they found no problems with it. My car would have passed it's MOT had it not been for the door lock that they seem to have broken. Where do I stand if they refuse to pay for the repair? Many thanks to anyone who helps!

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    A door lock is not usually choosey about when it fails, proving the garages have damaged it will be almost impossible without examining the failed mechanism but it is quite likely it just chose that day to fail due to ware and tare.

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    Aye! wagolynn has got it right there, one thing though, why did the car have to go to another garage to have the MOT done?

    Also, the door must have worked when he got into it in order for him to drive to the other garage?

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    what car is it? is it the lock or inner door handle?

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    What car is it? Some cars are known to have door lock problems which arise with useage.

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