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Thread: Citroen C2 ECO MODE Problem

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    Default Citroen C2 ECO MODE Problem

    I own Citroen C2 2005 1.4 HDI when I bought this car it was all running fine I left this car in my garage for round about 2 months and then after two months I tried to start the car when I was turning the key in ignition. Only thing has happend Engine is getting kicked but not fully turning over to start the car. On the dashboard display its showing ECO MODE I have tried OBD scan but scan is not recording any fault in DTE can any one tell me know how can i get rid of this ECO MODE

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    All you need do is jump start or bump start the car then either drive it for 20 minutes or let it tick over for around 30 minutes. This will recharge the battery and once that is done, the BSI (body computer) will allow other circuits to operate. If after this the eco is still on you probably need a new battery.

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    ECO mode or 'Economy Mode' is merely a power saving function designed to retain battery reserves for starting the engine. If the ignition is left on for a pre-determined period (Generally around 10 minutes) the body control unit disables non-essential electrical consumers such as electric windows & heated seats until the body control unit detects the engine has been started. Once the engine has been started economy mode will be reset immediately.

    Do not get side tracked thinking that economy mode is a fault, this is how the system is designed to work and is only a side effect of the engine not being started and the ignition being left on for a short period.

    Go with Hometune and firstly check the battery condition.


    Darren RAC Technical

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