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Thread: Toyota Verso Gearbox Issues

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    Angry Toyota Verso Gearbox Issues

    Hi - I was interested to read other members complaints about the lack of reliability of the Toyota Verso Gearbox:

    Here is a copy of the letter I sent to the Managing Director Jon Williams recently and his sorry response.
    In short, if you buy a Verso without a 100,000 mile warranty you would be advised to put money aside for a new gearbox.

    Mr Jon Williams,
    Toyota UK
    Great Burgh
    KT18 5XS

    I am writing this letter to you because I feel that only by getting the highest authority's attention in Toyota UK am I likely to achieve a positive outcome from the engineering manufacturing failing that I am about to describe to you.

    In 2007, I visited a Toyota showroom in Bristol with a close friend who was looking for a new car. Whilst in the showroom I was so impressed with the versatility of the Verso that I decided it would be the perfect next car for my family as my wife and I were planning to have a second child. In 2009 I found a Toyota Corolla Verso in excellent condition with an 05 plate and with only 30,000 miles. So I purchased the Verso and over the period of 12 months was extremely impressed with its versatility, reliability and fuel economy. Unfortunately, recently a fault has occurred with the vehicle, which I have discovered is rather well documented both in the Toyota Owner's Club website and within the RAC website forum. Before I describe the next events to you, I would like to explain that I am a UK Chartered Aircraft Engineering Officer, and I am used to identifying complicated and extreme fault symptoms and diagnosing them. I also look after the cars that I own and I have looked after my family car very well.

    I have now owned the Verso for almost 3 years and the car now has now acquired 70,000 miles. In the last couple of months I started to note a slight knocking noise coming from under the bonnet of the car. I put this down to the possibility that I might have a pump that was starting to fail and decided to leave it until I could identify further symptoms. A few weeks later the knocking started to get worse and I noticed that it was appearing throughout all the gears, but not when the car was placed into neutral and I started to get concerned about the gearbox. Last week I placed the car with my local village garage to investigate the knocking noise explaining that I thought it was either a gear driven pump or the gearbox itself. The mechanic quickly identified that the gearbox was indeed the source of the issue and shortly after he had informed me of this fact I discovered a rather well known fault with the Toyota Verso gearbox output bearing that has been documented on the 2 websites I have already described to you.

    I hope you appreciate that I have owned many cars with more mileage on them than my current Toyota and I have never had a gearbox fail on me before. In fact, like many motorists, I expect the gearbox to outlive many other critical components on the vehicle. I note your latest sales and marketing literature which states that:

    Verso carries Toyota's five-year/100,000-mile warranty, but many components are designed to last more than double that time. All engines use as many maintenance-free components as possible, and even the tyres have been chosen to give the best balance of performance and durability.

    I find this regular failure inexplicable of Toyota, given your company's reputation and feel that your company ought to be feeling a great deal of shame at the failing of a critical component such as the gearbox; take a look at this web thread ( from the RAC website forum. I fully expect to find the output bearing to be at fault on my Verso and the RAC forum will soon have a new post on this issue from me with your response, which I am hoping will be to my entire satisfaction as a potential loyal Toyota customer.

    I am about to have a re-conditioned Toyota gearbox fitted and I expect your company to recover the cost of all parts to me. I cannot emphasise enough that I find the potential catastrophic failing of a vehicle’s gearbox at 70,000 miles deeply disgraceful and quite dangerous.

    I look forward to receiving your response on this matter.


    Thank you for your letter dated 16 April 2012 addressed to Jon Williams, President & Managing Director. Jon has read your letter and asked me to
    respond on his behalf. I am sorry to hear of the problem you have
    experienced with the gearbox on your Verso and the disappointment this has obviously caused.

    I appreciate you taking the time to write to us and I understand the reasoning behind your request. However, on this occasion, I regret that given the age of the vehicle, we are unable to assist with the cost of your repairs.

    I appreciate this response may disappoint, and regret that on this occasion we are unable to meet your expectations.

    Yours sincerely

    Jenny Shipley
    On behalf of Jon Williams
    President & Managing Director
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    You need to get this aired on BBC Watchdog.

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