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Thread: Selling a vehicle privately cloned???

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    Default Selling a vehicle privately cloned???

    We puchased a car for £10000 privately a while ago,we got sent the logbook from DVLA so everything seemed fine,we sold the vehicle to a private buyer now and they have the idea that it may well be a clone,if it is a clone surely we cant lose our money as we are private sellers,like i said im willing to give the money back aslong as i get my money back from the previous sellers?can anyone help here or know a website that holds this infomation?
    Many thanks

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    I think you will have to all sue each other but consumer direct may give you some idea of what the legal position is.

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    Why are they saying it is a clone? To remove any doubt go to this site and have a full vehicle check carried out.
    You will see from their home page that they know all about 'clones' so have a look. They will settle it once and for all.

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