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Thread: Rover 25 overheating

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    Default Rover 25 overheating

    Today my Rover 25 started overheating, blowing cold air when stationary and hot when moving. I bought a thermostat thinking it may be that, but on checking the water bottle i found it just about empty, which then suggests to me that perhaps it is not the thermostat and why is it using so much water? I was thinking that it could be something a little more serious could this be the case???

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    You need to find where the Coolant is going. It could be a simple leak somewhere or it maybe a headgasket failure.

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    Default few things to check

    hi dont panic on head gasket straight away first check all the at rear of engine trace back from thermostat check while engine running the waterpump which would drip out of bottom of timing cover also check water bottle cap not holding pressure if all that checks out refill with water you will need to bleed the system look right hand side of engine near the plug for coil packs the water hose has a bleed screw built in then run and see if you keep getting white smoke out of exhaust which could indicate water getting in cylinders which could be from inlet manifold or head gasket check engine oil see if it is contaminated with water

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