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Thread: Intensive driving course warning/BSM

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    Default Intensive driving course warning/BSM

    I'm writing about my experience to warn ALL other potential learner drivers about BSM's intensive driving course.

    My boyfriend paid £670 for a course with BSM, however the instructor was texting during the lesson, unreliable, neurotic and generally making my boyf very nervous in the car. After 3 or 4 lessons, he phoned to request a different driver, however they could not offer him one in the area.

    BSM then offered us a full refund which they said would take 7 days.

    That was at the start of November. We have experience the worst customer service i have EVER experienced, and we still dont have our money back!!!

    After ignoring our phonecalls, not returning our messages, we had to get a newpaper involved to print a story about it to try and get our cash back, and they are now only refunding us £430 of the £670 we paid!

    I would warn anyone even considering single lessons with this company to be careful, they are terrible and i would not wish anyone to have to go through what we have been going through. BSM are the worst company i have ever dealt with and i hope none of you experience the stress they have put us through.

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    Welcome to the site BABSALOT, that sounds like a nightmare situation

    Did you tell the press that they only offered you "some" of the fee money back?

    That instructor sounds like they are not really interested in teaching their pupils at all

    I would contact the press again, and tell them the whole story and hope that they publish it, good luck

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    Yes i updated the guy at the newspaper - he has been contacting them on my behalf, as BSM werent returning my phonecalls or letting me speak to a manager. They have now offered us 550 of the refund, but have said if we want the rest of the refund, we have to go back to the instructer (who no longer works for BSM) and ask THEM for the money back!?!?! outrageous!!
    I cant wait to see what their reponse to the article will be...

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    My guess is that the instructor you mention is a trainee. You can tell by looking at the colour of his or her licence: fully qualified instructors have a GREEN badge; the Trainee Licence is PINK.

    Remember that BSM are the nation's largest driving school (at least, they were when I was there), and the majority of their instructors will be these partly-qualified individuals. They are using the driving school to gain the experience necessary for taking the third and most difficult qualifying examination (the dreaded Part Three Test of Instructional Ability). The pass rate for this exam is extremely low (about 20 per cent), and if the candidate has obvious problems, the chances are he or she will fail. It is a wonderful way of sorting out the wheat from the chaff.

    You can increase the chances of finding a good instructor by always insisting on the green badge holders. They have demonstrated that they know how to teach, and are more likely to be good at their jobs. Hope that helps, and best of luck.

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