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Thread: Peugeot 207 sw Auto Gearbox fault

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    Default Peugeot 207 sw Auto Gearbox fault

    Have had two replacement valves on this car in the last few weeks.

    Make: Peugeot
    Model: 207 SW Automatic) , petrol
    Engine : 1.6
    Year 2009
    Have only had the car since June 2009.
    Is this an ongoing problem or does anyone have any ideas what to do next.

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    Have no experience of this auto box but presumably the car has 3 years warranty? So, for now it is repaired free of charge? I think it might be worth sending Peugeot a nice letter (keep copies of all docs) detailing the faults on your new car and advising them that if this fault happens again, that you will be rejecting the car.
    In the meantime, search the internet and see if you can find others in a similar position. If there are then together you will have more chance of success against Peugeot.

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    Unhappy 207 auto problem

    I do not know if this is a common problem - my concern is I bought a 207 sport sw auto(2009 model) on the 20/01/11 and the gearbox crashed on the 27/01/11. It has been in the workshop for a week and I have just been advised (04/02/11) the problem is a faulty valve. Found your coments while searching to find out if this is indeed a common problem

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    My 2010 Peugeot 207 SW VTi Sport 1.6 has had a problem with the gearbox. From time to time I hear a beep, an error message appears on the display and then a snow flake and "s" appear by the "D".
    A local Peugeot dealer said it was over 1000 worth of work whilst an auto gearbox specialist said it was a switch costing a fraction of 1000. I took the cheap option and the car's been fine ever since (approx 5 months ago). He did say I could just ignore it as the gearbox itself is working fine, as it's simply an electronic component failure but the error message was alarming so I paid to get it repaired.

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