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Thread: What are you Doing Today.

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    Sorry to hear about the cancellation, smudger. Seems so cruel to get a bit of sunshine in your life, only to have it marred by the cancellation. Do hope things get back on track as soon as possible.
    Our son's in-laws are in their early 80's and the husband has severe disabilities due to illness. By comparison, his wife seemed more than healthy and fit to cope with him at the beginning, but her 24/7 attending to him has shown its mark. In these situations the sudden loss of even a few hours of anticipated respite must come as a bitter blow to morale.
    Very best wishes to you and your wife.

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    Cheers Snowball, we got a surprise last night, as a sitter turned up at 22.00!After weeks of nagging, her kids are now going to take it in turns to sit with her overnight, on the days when we don't have a sitter.I can't see it working though, as they won't be able to get her onto the commode during the nights.They will probably just get me up to that, and that defeats the whole idea??

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