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Thread: Car park collision-who's at fault?

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    Exclamation Car park collision-who's at fault?

    Who is at fault ?
    In a car park ,car A was reversing on a straight lane (not a one way system) and car B was pulling out of a space when both cars collided.
    Car A intended to reverse park next to car B and was in moving traffic, whilst car B suddenly joined the traffic.
    The Insurance might claim that both are partially to blame but in my opinion car B should have seen car A reversing .
    Am I right or wrong? And is the Insurance's decision final?
    Please help!

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    Both drivers are guilty of driving without due care and attention. Both manoeuvres are dangerous and require extra care...

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    Insurance companies decision is only final when involved parties accept their ruling. The Courts can override an insurance company's decision, and you can also make enough noise to make them listen to you. In the instance you describe above, without witnesses, I think the insurers will go for a 50/50 as both drivers appear not to have seen the other car manouevreing.

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    Ouch! That really stinks!

    I'd go with 50/50 too.. Usually it's the car that hit's the other car, but in a private area they may just confirm two cars were involved so 50/50.

    Ase Rolebama says though, the courts can be the deal breaker.

    Good luck!

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