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    What's your favourite Bond-mobile?

    As fans flock to bid large sums on the special Lotus Esprit famously used as a submarine in The Spy Who Loved Me, we're wondering which Bond car you'd love to drive - this interactive site takes you...
  2. New drivers need more time to build confidence.

    According to new research drivers often only feel fully confident after three years of driving experience. The research also found that it can take newly qualified drivers up to four months to feel...
  3. Thread: Dashboard Lights

    by Abbie

    Dashboard Lights

    Do you know what all the different lights on your dashboard mean?

    Click here to read the RAC’s blog on the topic and find out if you’re as clued up as you should be.
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    Car Sharing on the Rise

    In recent times, the UK has seen an increase in the number of “ride-sharing” websites trying to help motorists cut-down the cost of commuting to work. These websites, including,...
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    Sticky: RAC Special offers for our members

    As well as competitions and quizzes on the forum, were you aware the RAC occasionally have special offers and we highlight them on the forum?

    Here’s what’s on offer from the RAC at the moment,...
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    Route planners – are they useful?

    The RAC and many others offer online route planners so you can plan your journey before setting off – but are they useful to you?

    Have you ever used an online route planner?
    If so have they...
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    Toyota invents car for children

    Toyota has revealed a new car concept which is based around the concept of bringing the family together.

    The new vehicle, the Camatte57s, is about sharing ideas and aims to teach children about...
  8. Pensioner receives parking ticket whilst broken down

    Michael Peck has been given a £70 parking fine whilst trying to get help after his car broke down on the way to the doctors. He spent time pushing his car out of the road to ensure it wasn't a hazard...
  9. Council exploiting technology to increase earnings from fines

    BBC 1 programme, Panorama, has aired an episode exposing councils use of CCTV to ‘sting’ motorists with unfair fines.

    A Freedom of Information request has led to hundreds of emails being released...
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    All female garage enjoys success

    42 year old Caroline Fletcher is the owner of Caroline’s Cars, a small garage in Norwich started with the idea of only employing female mechanics. The garage was opened ten years ago after Caroline...
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    Pensioner drives wrong way up motorway

    A man has crashed his Nissan Micra into a Volkswagen Polo while attempting to do a U-turn on the M56 after driving the wrong way on it near Manchester Airport. The driver, Mr Colin Walker has since...
  12. Research shows that 10% of drivers never apologise for their mistakes

    New research carried out by AXA has found that one in ten motorists never apologise to fellow road users even after making a mistake which impacts another driver. Drivers under the age of 34 are the...
  13. British Motorists spend 2,500 hours looking for parking

    New research has found that, on average, British motorists spend 2,500 hours over their lifetime looking for a parking space. The research was carried out by the company ParkatmyHouse and also found...
  14. 50% of whiplash claims are thought to be untrue

    Insurance industry experts have told MPs that around 50% of whiplash claims arising from car crashes are fraudulent. It has been suggested that this figure could be as high as 60% due to difficulty...
  15. Special ‘traffic courts’ for driving offences

    Driving offences such as speeding could soon be heard in special traffic courts if plans proposed by the Ministry of Justice are put in place. Following trials in nine areas across the country...
  16. Motorists with 12 points on their license still allowed to drive

    Figures from the DVLA have revealed that there are over 8,000 drivers with 12 points or more still driving on Britain’s roads despite warranting a ban. Courts have allowed more than two-thirds of...
  17. As many as one in ten drivers have fallen asleep whilst driving

    New research carried out by LV= car insurance has found that as many as one in ten drivers have, at some point, fallen asleep at the wheel. In the survey of 2,511 motorists aged over 18, 9 per cent...
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    Driver snapped playing on iPad on motorway

    Earlier this week a driver was photographed playing a game on his iPad whilst travelling at 65mph on one of Scotland's busiest motorways.

    The driver, in his mid-twenties, was driving on the M8...
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    Wet dog voted as worst car smell

    A recent survey by Halfords has identified wet dog as the most hated smell to have lingering in a car and six in ten drivers said they hated the smell so much it distracted them from driving.
  20. Safer roundabout for cyclists to be introduced in London

    New roundabouts with separate lanes for cyclists could be built in London as soon as 2014 according to an announcement from Andrew Gilligan, the city’s cycling commissioner, The roundabouts, already...
  21. New regulations to close loop-hole in drink-driving laws

    New measures have been brought in to tackle the most serious drink-driving offenders who will now have to prove they are no longer ‘alcohol dependent’ before they are allowed to get back behind the...
  22. Car hire firms making calculating costs “almost impossible”

    According to watchdog Which? many top car hire companies are failing to disclose extra costs, making it "almost impossible" for consumers to find the best deal. Which? tried to rent a car in Spain...
  23. Half of drivers considering alternatively-fuelled cars

    According to a survey carried out by the RAC, almost half of drivers would consider buying an alternatively-fuelled car and as many as a quarter said they were likely to make a "green car" purchase...
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    Thousands of drivers with incorrect tax discs

    The demand for personalised number plates is outstripping the supply of tax discs to match those number plates. Drivers who have recently switched their car's number plate with a personalised one are...
  25. DVLA make millions from selling drivers details

    Last year the DVLA made £10.4 million from selling drivers details, an increase of up to £8 million on previous years. The agency sold the details at a rate of around 50,000 a week, totalling 2.4...
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