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  1. problem with claim

    I know that it was on the RSBS site about 3 years ago I have trawled that site but it was re configured some time later and it now wont go back that far. That said i am in contact with them and have...
  2. Problem with claim

    I read an article a couple of years ago and it was a female rider that had a similar problem Her solicitor wants to apportion some of the blame to her and she said no. She got out the highway Code...
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    So do i believe that you agree then Loony. Some...

    So do i believe that you agree then Loony. Some issues may be considered contentious but i believe them to be correct providing that one drives reasonably with due regard to other traffic and road...
  4. Thanks for the response that I have to my...

    Thanks for the response that I have to my question so far. I am sure that others may voice an opinion in the future and I hope that they do.

    I have come in because Santa spoke correctly about...
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    Queue jumping

    The law allows you as directed in the Highway Code to move in both lanes as per normal and then to merge into one at the point when one lane becomes closed. As stated zip....left/right/left/right. ...
  6. Understanding a biker more.

    Being a motorcyclist one of the dangers I and we all we face and possibly a reason for apparently being all over the road is the desire to miss a metal man hole cover, especially when wet and at all...
  7. Dangerous roads

    I cant agree with you more Smudger.

    It looks like the highway engineers are on a hiding to nothing on this one. The Roundabout is a junction and pedestrians will want to cross. If the engineers...
  8. highway engineering

    You are so right Snowball

    Its believed within some circles that all roads no matter where they are or how they are constructed are basically flawed or indeed to others they the best thing since...
  9. road design

    The point is that for more than 60 years the car has been king and bikes and motorcycles and pedestrians ect. have been marginalised or not even considered in road layout and planning.

    What you...
  10. What do you drivers think of motorcycles.

    I have been a motorcyclists for more years than a car diver. I rode bikes off road when I was 13 and on the road at 16. I have about 50 years of on road and off road experience.

    Every year many...
  11. Wonerfs. Shared spaces.

    These areas has been manufactured for some time now in some towns and cities. Mainly tho where there is little or no traffic or where engineering design has made road changes and made the streets...
  12. Motorway driving

    I agree with those comments Snowball.

    Basically they are committing offences of driving without reasonable consideration by both tailgating and by slowing traffic by their bad manoeuvres. The...
  13. motorway hold ups.

    I recently travelled down the M6 from lancs into hereford.

    My observations were that on a number of occasions a rolling roadblock was set up by the actions of HGV's.

    When one HGV overtook...
  14. You are right Beelzebub, you obviously have...

    You are right Beelzebub, you obviously have looked at your HC. The HC makes no reference at all to the saying 'only a fool breaks the two second rule ' I introduced that as a simple means for...
  15. I agree wholeheartedly with you Snowball. I...

    I agree wholeheartedly with you Snowball.

    I referred to the two second rule and whilst it is primitive it is a starting point of reference and may make some look more closely at the HC...
  16. Warped front disks. Due to seized rear brakes ...

    Warped front disks. Due to seized rear brakes have it checked out.
  17. Wheel wobble... Automatics.

    Is your car an automatic therefore all breaking is directed to the front disc, do you hard brake or do you pull a trailer or caravan.

    I had a similar problem with my automatic and went through...
  18. motorway mayhem

    Its not all cars that cause the problem tho I would agree that most cars and other vehicles, HGV's in particular cause problems by actually tailgating other vehicles. [ HGV's some 20 foot behind...
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    agricultural vehicles dangerous machinery.

    Thanks for that Santa I believe that it has. Those that have contributed have in the main agreed that if offences are being committed that something needs to be done, whether its police...
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    Dangerous agricultural trailers

    looks like i have a debate on my hands. Not only getting it on the forum but also in private messages .

    i dont think that i have overstated anything. i have put my position plain and clear and...
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    Dangerous farming practices

    i am all for sharing the road with whoseover wants to use it be it for commuting, pleasure or work but whilst i am on the road and obeying the laws of this land i dont want anyone doing something...
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    agricultural vehicles dangerous machinery.

    Several years ago a rider went round a bend to fast. it was probably his mistake and he came upon a farm tractor and trailer turning into a field on its nearside. The driver of the tractor had...
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    Agricultural trailers Dangerous

    Have you noticed that when travelling on back country lanes there seems at time to be a plethora of farm vehicles moving about on those roads from one field to another. Have you also noticed not...
  24. Accident on roundabout.

    just a WORD OF WARNING.

    My daughter some years ago was involved in a simple accident and the other party was suing her and her insurers sold the accident to a solicitor. She was informing her...
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    flashing lights

    No at the time of the legislation they would only be concerned with any vehicle or trailer or other load, say a towed car, having rotating or oscillating lamps that would or could be confused with ...
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