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What motorists want...

27 Apr 2010 at 14:40

By Adrian Tink, RAC Motoring Strategist

Now the answer could easily be - an Aston Martin DBS, a Lamborghini Gallardo or a Bugati Veyron...

Fantastic specimens one and all. But of course there's a problem with that answer, in fact there's a couple of them.

Because to drive any of those luscious beasts of engineering in this country, even if you could temporarily suspend belief and actually afford to buy one, would at the moment require you to mortgage your very soul every time you went to fill it up with petrol.

And the problem doesn't stop there. Should you actually hit the open road, finding one that doesn't involve you spending half your time in your supercar playing russian roulette with potholes the size of record setting pumpkins will be a challenge too.

So the answer to the question "what motorists want..." is actually a simple one, they just want the problems I've just eagerly exaggerated above sorted out - souls and pumpkins - better known to you and I as wallet-busting petrol prices and infuriating potholes.

So as we rapidly approach May 6th, that's the message from the 7,000 or so fantastic RAC members who took the time to tell us what they want from the next government. We thank you one and all...

Nearly 40% said a cut in fuel duty was their number one priority - hard to argue you with when we're all paying on average over £5.50-a-gallon and have seen four fuel duty hikes in under 18 months and another two on the way (time to get the bike back out of the garage...).

While around a quarter of RAC members said that improving the road surface was top of their agenda for motoring. With estimates of around two million potholes on our roads that's not an overnight job by any means.

So whatever the colour of the tie of the person who will list No.10 Downing Street as their home address after the election, the message from motorists is a simple one - we're not asking for the moon (although the current local road surfaces are quite similar in places), we just want a fair deal at the forecourt and roads that don't leave you feeling like James Bond's martini - shaken not stirred.

Until then I shall just be forced to continue my boycott of the Aston Martin, Lamborghini and Bugati dealerships in favour of my 8 year old Vectra and my push bike....ahem, seriously, what other reason could there be...