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Patrols - Nationwide

Given your passion for cars, it was never likely you'd end up in a standard nine to five. That's why you're a mechanic. Only trouble is, life can get pretty repetitive in a garage. You see the same faces day in, day out. And you can often end up doing the same kinds of jobs day in, day out. It can all start to feel a bit, well ... nine to five.

Become one of our RAC Patrols, and you won't have any such worries. You'll be out and about, enjoying the freedom of the road and meeting new people every day. Every day will be different, and you'll quickly find your skill and ingenuity being stretched. (But you won't be completely on your own. Our state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and technical helpline will see to that.)

Rest assured, the regular heartfelt thanks you'll get from your customers - and the satisfaction you'll get from being part of such a successful team - will be hard to beat. In fact, you'll soon wonder why you stayed in that garage for so long.

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