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Vehicle Inspections for Private Buyers

Are you confident you're buying a car that's roadworthy and safe to drive?

So before you close a deal on a car, get peace of mind with an RAC Vehicle Inspection:

  • Visual inspection and road test by an experienced RAC engineer.
  • Full RAC Car Data Check to ensure the car isn't stolen or a write-off.
  • Discuss the findings with the engineer on the same day as the inspection
  • Get a written report posted (first class) or emailed to you the next working day.

Book a Vehicle Inspection

You can also get a quote and arrange a vehicle inspection by calling 0800 085 2529, or if you have any questions/queries email us at


The crucial checks to make before buying a car - a mechanical and structural inspection, underbody check and road test to make sure the car is safe, sound and roadworthy.

Engine size RAC Members Non-members
Up to 1800cc £135.00 £149.00
Over 1800cc £148.00 £163.00

The following vehicles are exempt from this product: imports, 4x4s, convertibles, write-offs, vehicles over 10 years old, vehicles with more than 5 seats, prestige vehicles and vehicles that have completed more than 120,000 miles.

Essentials Plus

Our fully comprehensive inspection can reassure you that your car is in excellent working order, with up to 66 extra checks.

Engine size RAC Members Non-members
Up to 1400cc £179.00 £194.00
1401cc to 2000cc £183.00 £203.00
2001cc to 2500cc £234.00 £254.00
Over 2501cc From £234.00 From £254.00

4x4 Vehicle inspections

Engine size RAC Members Non-members
Up to 1400cc £179.00 £194.00
1401cc to 2000cc £183.00 £203.00
2001cc to 2500cc £265.00 £295.00
Over 2501cc £305.00 £346.00

Vehicle inspections of vans, motorhomes and minibuses

Vehicle type RAC Members Non-members
Van £179.00 £194.00
Motorhome £213.00 £244.00
Minibus with 9 or more seats £234.00 £254.00

If your vehicle is 20 years or older please call for a Quote.

There are also other checks and inspections we provide after purchase, or after an accident.

To arrange a vehicle inspection please call 0800 085 2529.

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Sunday and Bank Holidays - Closed

Frequently asked questions about RAC Vehicle Inspections.

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