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Body exterior

  Essentials Essentials Plus
1 Panel condition/alignment   Yes
2 Paintwork   Yes
3 Exterior trim   Yes
4 Glass Yes Yes
5 Bumpers/number plates   Yes
6 Door locks/operation Yes Yes
7 Fuel filler cover/petrol cap Yes Yes
8 Soft top (operation/condition)   Yes
9 Body damage Yes Yes
10 Past repair evident * Yes Yes
11 Corrosion Yes Yes
12 Mud flaps   Yes

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Engine compartment

  Essentials Essentials Plus
13 Coolant level Yes Yes
14 Coolant leak Yes Yes
15 Antifreeze Yes Yes
16 Radiator/cap Yes Yes
17 Hoses/pipes Yes Yes
18 Drive belts Yes Yes
19 Water pump Yes Yes
20 Power steering fluid level Yes Yes
21 Clutch fluid level Yes Yes
22 Brake fluid level Yes Yes
23 Engine oil level Yes Yes
24 External leaks (engine) Yes Yes
25 Engine mountings Yes Yes
26 Fuel injection   Yes
27 Turbo/super charger Yes Yes
28 Fuel pump/pipes Yes Yes
29 Accelerator linkage Yes Yes
30 Body panels   Yes
31 Bonnet catch   Yes
32 Bonnet hinges   Yes
33 Cold starting Yes Yes
34 Fast idle (cold) Yes Yes
35 Noise level (cold) Yes Yes
36 Excess fumes/smoke Yes Yes

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  Essentials Essentials Plus
37 Starting system/ignition lock Yes Yes
38 Battery charging system Yes Yes
39 Headlights Yes Yes
40 Side light/running lights Yes Yes
41 Rear lights/number plate lights Yes Yes
42 Stop lights Yes Yes
43 Indicators/hazard lights Yes Yes
44 Reverse/fog lights Yes Yes
45 Auxiliary lights Yes Yes
46 Panel lights Yes Yes
47 Mirrors (electric)   Yes
48 Switches/controls Yes Yes
49 Instrument/controls function Yes Yes
50 Horn Yes Yes
51 Radio/cassette/CD/aerial   Yes
52 Heater fan/controls   Yes
53 Air con. operation   Yes
54 Door locking Yes Yes
55 Window/sunroof operation Yes Yes
56 Wipers/washers Yes Yes
57 Headlamp washer/headlamp wiper   Yes

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Interior luggage compartment

  Essentials Essentials Plus
58 Steering wheel/adjustment   Yes
59 Seat upholstery   Yes
60 Seat mechanism Yes Yes
61 Seat belts Yes Yes
62 Carpets   Yes
63 Door trim panels   Yes
64 Door fittings/operation   Yes
65 Door seals/hinges   Yes
66 Interior sills   Yes
67 Headlining/visors   Yes
68 Sunroof   Yes
69 Dash panel (condition)   Yes
70 Cigarette lighter   Yes
71 Mirrors - internal Yes Yes
72 Rear parcel shelf   Yes
73 Boot/tailgate lock Yes Yes
74 Luggage area trim/condition   Yes
75 Illumination lights   Yes
76 Tool kit etc.   Yes
77 Soft top material   Yes
78 Tonneau cover   Yes

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Front suspension and steering

  Essentials Essentials Plus
79 Engine underside leakage Yes Yes
80 Steering joints/ball joints Yes Yes
81 Steering rack Yes Yes
82 Chassis members Yes Yes
83 Power steering Yes Yes
84 Wheels hubs/bearings Yes Yes
85 Springs/suspension unit Yes Yes
86 Pipes/hoses Yes Yes
87 Dampers (conditions/leaks) Yes Yes
88 Gaiters Yes Yes
89 Sub frames/mountings Yes Yes
90 Suspension arms/mountings Yes Yes
91 Tie bars/anti roll bars Yes Yes
92 Corrosion protection   Yes
93 Corrosion - floor/chassis Yes Yes

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Clutch/transmission - manual

  Essentials Essentials Plus
94 Fluid/oil leaks Yes Yes
95 Cables/adjustment Yes Yes
96 Hydraulic system Yes Yes
97 Linkage (wear) Yes Yes
98 Casings Yes Yes
99 Mountings Yes Yes
100 Drive shaft assemblies Yes Yes
101 Universal/sliding joints Yes Yes
102 Backlash Yes Yes
103 Gaiters Yes Yes
104 Propshaft(s) Yes Yes
105 Bearings/supports Yes Yes

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Rear suspension and underframe

  Essentials Essentials Plus
106 Springs/suspension unit Yes Yes
107 Anti-roll bar Yes Yes
108 Dampers/bushes Yes Yes
109 Suspension arms/fixings Yes Yes
110 Location rod/fixings Yes Yes
111 Bumpers stops/gaiters Yes Yes
112 Wheel hubs/bearings Yes Yes
113 Pipes/hoses Yes Yes
114 Sub frames/mountings Yes Yes
115 Chassis members Yes Yes
116 Corrosion protection   Yes
117 Corrosion - floor/chassis Yes Yes

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Wheels and tyres

  Essentials Essentials Plus
118 Wheel rims   Yes
119 Wheel trims   Yes
120 Front right tyre Yes Yes
121 Front left tyre Yes Yes
122 Rear right tyre Yes Yes
123 Rear left tyre Yes Yes
124 Spare Yes Yes

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Exhaust system

  Essentials Essentials Plus
125 Manifold Yes Yes
126 Pipes Yes Yes
127 Silencer(s)/catalyst Yes Yes
128 Heat shields/mountings Yes Yes
129 Joints/couplings Yes Yes
130 System condition Yes Yes

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Fuel system

  Essentials Essentials Plus
131 Tank Yes Yes
132 Tank fixings Yes Yes
133 Fuel lines Yes Yes
134 Breather pipes Yes Yes
135 Evidence of leaks Yes Yes

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  Essentials Essentials Plus
136 Master cylinder security Yes Yes
137 Fluid leaks Yes Yes
138 Servo/power system Yes Yes
139 Flexible hoses Yes Yes
140 Pipes/connections Yes Yes
141 Discs/pads (if visible) Yes Yes
142 Hand/parking brake operation/adjustments Yes Yes
143 Hand/parking brake linkage Yes Yes
144 Pedal/linkage Yes Yes

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Road test

  Essentials Essentials Plus
145 Engine - performance Yes Yes
146 Engine - noise Yes Yes
147 Excess smoke Yes Yes
148 Overheating evidence Yes Yes
149 Gearbox operation/noise level Yes Yes
150 Auto changes/kickdown   Yes
151 Final drive operation/noise level Yes Yes
152 Clutch operation Yes Yes
153 4wd operation   Yes
154 Cooling fan operation ** Yes Yes
155 Instrument/controls function Yes Yes
156 Steering wheel alignment   Yes
157 Steering effort   Yes
158 General steering/handling Yes Yes
159 Footbrake operation Yes Yes
160 Hand/parking brake operation Yes Yes
161 Suspension noise Yes Yes
162 Road holding/stability Yes Yes
163 Hot restarting   Yes
164 Warning lights Yes Yes
165 Cruise control   Yes

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Final check

  Essentials Essentials Plus
166 Leaks - fluid Yes Yes

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General notes & exclusions

* Repairs and replacement panels will only be reported if work has not been carried out to a professional standard.

** Providing engine reaches operating temperature on road test.

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