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HPI Check Comparison

Use our vehicle check product comparison table below to compare the RAC Car Passport with competitor car history check reports, covering the AA, Autotrader and HPI

      RAC Car Passport AA Autotrader HPI
  Price*   £14.99
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£18.99 £19.99 £19.99
  Full vehicle history check**  
  Private sale valuation  
  Market Valuation***  
  Common breakdown reasons****  
  Common MOT faults  
  Independent review of make & model  
  VIN match  
  Vehicle description  
  Running costs  
  Vehicle tax banding  
  Fuel efficiency  
  History check guarantee  


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HPI Check Comparison Explained:

Our comparison table above outlines the key differences between car data check products. We believe that the RAC Car Passport is the most comprehensive vehicle check on the market, and now you can see how it distinguishes itself from the AA, Autotrader and HPI Check.

A car data check is a great source when comparing vehicles as it details the running costs, vehicle tax banding and fuel efficiency. Fuel economy is an important decision-making factor for many reasons, not least because it can help save you money. An RAC Car Passport is the only product that can tell you the running costs of your desired vehicle, helping you to decide which car is most appropriate for your driving patterns.

Another important reason for obtaining a vehicle check is that it can help you safeguard against future faults. RAC is the sole provider of a report that details common breakdown reasons as well as MOT faults. It also comes with an independent review of the make and model to ensure you know the full specification of the vehicle.

Though the market valuation is also provided by HPI Check and the AA, the private sale valuation is exclusive to Car Passport, detailing how much the car would be worth if sold privately.

We source our data from the police, DVLA, finance companies and other relevant parties to provide you with the most complete profile of your desired vehicle. This information can also be used to identify whether there is any outstanding finance on the car as, if purchased, finance companies have the right to repossess it. Likewise, if you have inadvertently bought a stolen car, the police have the authority to seize it from you. It can also unveil whether the car has previously been written off as you will need to have evidence that it is roadworthy before driving it.

With an RAC Car Passport, you can feel secure when buying your next used car.

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Vehicle check comparison sources:


  • Price:
    • Source:
  • Full History Check and Vehicle Description:
    • Source:
  • Private Sale Valuation, Market Valuation, Common Breakdown Reasons, Common MOT Faults, Independent review of make and model, VIN Match, Running Costs, Vehicle Tax Banding and Fuel Efficiency:
    • Source:

Auto Trader

  • Price, Full History Check, Private Sale Valuation, VIN Match, Vehicle Description, Vehicle Tax Banding and Fuel Efficiency:
    • Source:
  • Market Valuation, Independent review of make and model:
    • Source:
  • Common Breakdown Reasons, Common MOT Faults, Running Costs:
    • Source:

HPI Check

  • Price:
    • Source:
  • Full History Check, VIN Match, Vehicle Description, Fuel Efficiency:
    • Source:
  • Private Sale Valuation, Common Breakdown Reasons, Common MOT Faults, Independent review of make and model and Running Costs:
    • Source:

Car History Check Guarantee


* Comparison based on the cost of purchasing a singular car history check, not including multi-purchase offers.
** Full History Check denotes main data checks carried out as part of the report. 
*** Market Valuation may be described as Dealer Price, Dealer Valuation and represents the market value of the vehicle.
**** Breakdown related information indicating common faults for named make and model

History Check Guarantee refers to any guarantee or insurance to cover car history check or alerts section of a report. For more information on what is covered by an RAC Car Passport car history check please refer to our Frequently Asked Question or Terms and Conditions.