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BMW Car Models

BMW 3 Series

40 years ago marked the emergence of the driver’s car; the BMW 3 series cars are fitted with a four-cylinder petrol engine and channel a sporty design aesthetic. Within this range are the following models: BMW 3 Series Saloon, BMW 3 Series Touring, BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo as well as the BMW ActiveHybrid 3. Since its inception, the BMW 3 Series has been identified as the most popular BMW so, if this resonates with you, browse our collection of used BMW 3 Series cars.


The BMW X6 is another popular BMW model as it combines the features of the X series with the aesthetics of a coupé. Due to the incorporation of a TwinPower turbo engine, the BMW X6 is both powerful and efficient.


The BMW M3 Saloon has the driver at the forefront of design: the M-seats take a shell-like form to envelope the driver, the TwinPower Turbo provides power whilst the Adaptive M Suspension contributes to performance.

BMW i8

The BMW i8 was designed to prove that efficiency and dynamics can be synchronised priorities; it is first and foremost a sports car but, what makes it distinct, is the integrated electric motor. The carbon fibre body and aerodynamic proportions enhance its performance whilst the hybrid functionality ensures that it produces the same emissions as that of a compact car. So innovative and successful a model, the BMW i8 has been awarded an 88 out of 100 rating in our review.

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BMW Car History

The BMW brand is revered for their dedication to quality and manufacturing excellence; a reputation which they have worked to uphold since their initiation during the 1910s. BMW was originally part of Karl Rapp’s company Rapp Motorenwerke which, distinct from many other automobile manufacturers, focussed on engine production. This prioritisation was influenced by the approaching First World War and the associated requirements for aircrafts.

Initially a manufacturer of aircraft engines, followed by motorcycle vehicles, it wasn’t until 1928 that BMW produced the Austin-licensed Dixi 315 model. Their development progressed and earned them a string of motor sport wins, propelling their brand into state affairs.

In 1961, BMW revealed the new class 1500 model which was a four-door touring design and, with it, reinstated the brand as being profitable. Their successes were well-documented throughout the 60s as more designs were revealed including the 1600 series, sedans 2500 and 2800 as well as coupé models 2.5 CS and 2800 CS. Alongside this, BMW continued to partake in motor sport and finally reached the Formula One World Racing Championship in the 80s.

In 2013, a new era dawned and BMW embarked upon a new project: electric mobility. These novel designs run on an electric motor, preventing them from producing emissions. Committed to sustainability, the i brand has grown, adding the i8 to the current i3 model which is touted as being the most progressive sports car.

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