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Tyre maintenance


Hassle-free tyre maintenance for your fleet

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Tyres for your fleet

RAC Business Club puts you in control of tyre maintenance. Tyres are not just another consumable, but a business asset. Therefore it's essential that you get quality tyres and advice to help you manage tyre maintenance and keep your drivers safe. The RAC has teamed up with a major tyre supplier to bring down the costs of replacing tyres for your business.

Manage your tyre maintenance

Through RAC Business Club, our new fleet management system, you will receive automated reminders to encourage your drivers to do regular tyre checks in order to the reduce maintenance bills.

  • Partner with us to benefit from discounts
  • No need to search for quotes,  save valuable time 
  • Excellent service from trusted partners
  • Improve safety by ensuring the fleet has appropriate tyres
  • Extend the life of tyres with regular maintenance
  • Streamline invoicing, reduces the admin burden
  • Reduce downtime, improve productivity

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