RAC Telematics allows you to monitor drivers’ performance at all times and build a clear picture of how they behave behind the wheel. Thanks to our accurate scoring reports, you can identify non-efficient drivers and tailor training to address this. You can even be informed if one of your drivers exceeds a certain speed, allowing you to quickly address the problem.

Drivers are initially mindful of the telematics box in their vehicle and behave as they do when someone is assessing them. Over time, however, it will become second nature and they will instinctively drive with care. In this sense, safer driving can certainly be encouraged using telematics.

Benefits of RAC Telematics

  • A reduction in at work injuries and any related paperwork
  • A reduction in third party injuries and any potential legal action
  • Less accidents means less damage to your vehicles – and reduced repair and replacement costs
  • Fewer accidents means lower insurance premiums
  • More considerate driving will have a positive impact on your company’s reputation, whereas accidents could be damaging.

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