A telematics tracking system accurately monitors your drivers’ performances in real time. It offers significant peace of mind to business owners and fleet managers, who previously had no real control over their vehicles once on the road. But while it is certainly a powerful solution for fleet management, could it also have the added benefit of making your drivers safer behind the wheel?

How telematics can help

Judging a driver’s performance on the road used to be a complicated task. The best solution was for someone to accompany them and assess their work, but even this is not an exact science. A driver will naturally be more cautious when being monitored, which offers no guarantee that they will behave the same when unobserved.

This is where telematics can help. RAC Telematics allows you to monitor a driver’s performance at all times and build a clear picture of how they really behave behind the wheel. Thanks to our accurate scoring reports, you can identify non-efficient drivers and tailor training to remedy problem areas. You can even be informed if one of your drivers exceeds a certain speed, allowing you to quickly issue a warning.

Initially, you would expect a driver to be mindful of the telematics box in their vehicle and behave as they do when someone is assessing them. Over time however, it will become second nature and they will instinctively drive with care. In this sense, safer driving can certainly be encouraged using telematics.

The benefits

Better driver behaviour can only be a good thing for your company. Nobody wants one of their employees to be injured at work. This may result in legal action from the driver or a third party, while the cost of repairing or perhaps replacing the vehicle could provide a real financial headache. 

There is also the negative effect an accident could have on your company’s reputation. As the saying goes, ‘it takes a lifetime to build a good one, but you can lose it in a minute.’ A single accident due to one of your drivers’ poor driving style, could have just such an outcome.

RAC Telematics can do far more than simply keep track of your fleet. It can help mould your drivers in to better professionals, saving your company money and enhancing its reputation. Speak to one of our expert advisers to see how the system can benefit you and your employees.

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