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RAC Telematics

Track your vehicles 24/7
- the latest innovation in vehicle tracking

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RAC Telematics - a small box with power

Are you in control of your company vehicles? Are you certain that your cars, van and drivers are working as efficiently as they could be? Do you worry about rising fuel costs, or drivers using vehicles for personal use on your time? We have a powerful vehicle tracking solution for you – RAC Telematics.

Give your business that all-important competitive edge with our new Telematics solution, one of the most affordable and comprehensive vehicle tracking solutions on the market.

Features and Benefits

24/7 Tracking, keep your business on track 24/7
Driver behaviour, promoting positive driver behaviour and reducing business risks
Geo-fencing, light up your logistics with geo-fencing
Total control, control at your convenience
Greener driving, reduce your carbon tyre-tracks and promote greener driving
Customisable portal, track your vehicles wherever you are

How RAC Telematics can help

A small box with big benefits. Watch our video below to see how RAC Telematics can work for your business.

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If you become a Telematics customer, we’d also like to offer you access to RAC Business Club.

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