Fleet Inspections for the corporate business

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Our Fleet Inspections are designed to help you manage the maintenance of your fleet and control budgets by identifying problems early enough for them to be put right quickly and at minimal cost.

All RAC inspectors come with a minimum of eight years of industry experience, so you can be assured of a quality service, and have peace of mind that you’ve met your duty of care responsibilities.

How fleet inspections can help your business

  • Identify faults early to save on costly repairs
  • Minimise fleet maintenance costs
  • Meet duty of care obligations
  • Protect staff who are liable for the roadworthiness of the vehicle 

Fleet Inspections – why partner with the RAC? 

  • Inspectors with a minimum of eight years industry experience
  • Independent experts
  • Conduct over 350,000 inspections a year in the UK
  • Inspectors with a recognised industry qualification, membership of IRTE/IMI or equivalent
  • Confidence in our inspectors’ expertise

Fleet Inspection to suit your business

  1. Duty of Care
We offer a programme of regular vehicle checks to identify potential problems that can be addressed before they turn into major faults.
  1. Cause and Fault
This is suitable for companies that lease their vehicles, this Inspection provides an independent check of a vehicles' faults to find the cause so that costs can be assigned correctly to the driver or to a warranty.
  1. Fair Wear and Tear
If your company leases its vehicles this Inspection provides you with an independent check at the end of the vehicles' lease periods and an estimate of the costs you might need to pay to the leasing company.
  1. Service, Maintenance and Repair
We carry out spot checks and workshop audits of your service, maintenance and repair suppliers to make sure that their performance is up to scratch.

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