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What is a RAC Vehicle Inspection?

Our Vehicle Inspections provide customers with an accurate account of their current vehicle, saving them from arranging their own inspection.  

  • Get the best price: you can have a report done prior to a vehicle being put up for sale allowing you to put right any highlighted deficiencies  
  • A qualified RAC engineer will compile a report on each vehicle in your forecourt  

What influence will it have on my customers?

  • Value the credability of an independent report: 
  • Gain peace of mind
  • Trust the dealer more
  • Expect the dealer to have better quality cars

What makes RAC a good choice for vehicle inspections?

The RAC is recognised as the motorist's trusted, independent and expert friend. Our orange tag on your cars acts like a seal of approval, demonstrating quality and a dealership that takes pride in selling good quality vehicles. 

What does the Business Inspection cover?

The Business Inspection will check and evaluate the condition of all the key components of a vehicle, including the engine, gearbox, clutch, cooling system, steering, brakes, suspension, drive shafts, electrical, security, wheels and tyres, under body, interior trim, and bodywork.

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