RAC Business Club comes as an enhanced extra to customers of:

If you are an existing Breakdown, Telematics or Fuel Card customer – you will gain access to Business Club FREE of charge – there will be NO one-off fee and NO monthly fee.

If you are new customer but would like to use Business Club as a fleet management tool, it is FREE to access for 30 days, and then:

  • If you have not taken out any products (Breakdown/Telematics/Fuel card) during the 30 day free trial, to continue using Business Club you will need to pay the one-off fee of £100, PLUS 50p per vehicle per month for the sole use of Business Club as a fleet management tool,

  • If you decide during the 30 day free trial to cover* any or all of your vehicles (Breakdown/Fuel Card/Telematics) you will NOT pay the one-off fee of £100, and will not have to pay a monthly fee (for the vehicles that are covered by a product). Any vehicles that are NOT covered with a product will be subject to a fee of 50p per vehicle per month (for the period they are not covered).

How do I join?

It's easy to join RAC Business Club. You can sign up online now or call one of our friendly and expert customer advisors.



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* A covered vehicle is one registered with the RAC Business Club that has procured Breakdown and or a Fuel Card and/or an RAC Telematics unit for that vehicle.
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