We can’t prevent an accident, but we can minimise the impact to your business. When an accident does happen, we’ll use our expertise and experience to fully support you when you need us most. We’ll provide you with a single point of contact throughout your claim, from roadside assistance and first notification of loss (fnol), through to delivery of your repaired vehicle.

Reasons to choose the RAC:

  • 118 years of motoring industry expertise
  • 150 RAC approved repair centres nationwide giving you a 3-year warranty on all repairs
  • Minor vehicle repairs can be fixed at the roadside using RAC patrols
  • Access real-time data providing analysis on prolific incident types and driver behaviour to mitigate future accidents
  • RAC Rapid Repair service will help get your vehicle back on the road quickly saving your business time and money
  • Our dedicated team genuinely care about your driver’s well-being

Our expertise and operational excellence means we can provide you with a service tailored to meet your business needs. With complete call-handling support throughout the entire claims process, you can be assured of cost-effective solutions to help keep your business motoring.

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