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Health and safety due diligence workshop

Ensure that managers who may be involved in Hazard and Operability Studies have the right techniques at their disposable to meet health and safety legislation and keep downtime and financial cost to a minimum. 

Who should attend?

Board members & senior management



Health and Safety Due Diligence Workshop – the benefits 

  • Helps comply with requirements under the Health & Safety at Work Act
  • Can help to prevent incident and injury and thereby reduce lost time productivity and other associated costs

Health and safety management system 

This course aims to introduce managers and others, who may become involved in Hazard and Operability studies (HAZOP) exercises, to the correct approach and techniques employed.

When carrying out risk assessments of activities where there is the potential for a serious incident such as an explosion or major toxic release it is essential that all possible causes of such an incident are identified. Hazard and operability studies (HAZOP) have become a standard technique for identifying such risks.

HAZOP is a team-based technique employing a ‘brain-storming’ approach supported by a clearly defined structure and ‘key-word’ prompts.


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