How organised are your business' Risk Management processes? With our easy-to-use online risk management system, you can save time and reduce risk for your business.

Who could benefit?

Property owners, managers, occupiers of commercial property, resident management companies and other duty holders.



Business benefits 

  • Software is simple and easy to use 
  • Available 24 / 7 365 days a year
  • Easy and instant access to surveys/ assessments to put you in control
  • Built in risk values and “traffic light” system – easy identification and prioritisation of issues
  • Comprehensive reporting of individual user / property information – all in one place
  • Incorporation of task allocation and monitoring – automatically identifies risk improvement
  • Assists with compliance, legislation, regulation and insurer’s / lender’s requirements

System abilities

  • Online management system with secure password access
  • Comprehensive software suite to manage survey, assessment, audit and valuation data
  • Includes built-in risk scoring, so outstanding issues can be automatically highlighted and prioritised
  • Structured reporting rom executive level summaries through to property managers granular detail
  • Back-office task management and workflow system including email alerts
  • Interested?

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