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Driver Awareness Training

When your drivers are on the road, they're representing your business. So it is critical that they are aware of risks to their safety for the security of your business.


Courses run for either a half day (one-to-one training ratio) or full day (two-to-one training ratio).

Driver Awareness Training – business benefits

  • Helps employees drive more safely, minimising business interruptions from accidents
  • Suppresses total cost of risk
  • May help to avoid negative publicity
  • Helps comply with regulation covering occupational road risk


RAC Fleet Risk Management’s in-vehicle driver training is designed to achieve two main objectives:

  • To develop greater hazard awareness and risk perception skills. Reducing the driver’s vulnerability to accidents and the risk of personal injury or damage to the vehicle.
  • To further examine specific areas of driving skill and address any areas of concern, both to the trainer and the participant(s).


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