Plan with geo-fencing

RAC Telematics allows you to add a Point of Interest tailored to your business through your customisable portal. You can set dates and times on a geo-fence, receive a range of reports and completely bespoke it to the requirements of your business.

Business planning with geo-fencing enables you to:

  • Provide visibility of your Points of Interest
  • Receive curfew alerts on unauthorised vehicle movements
  • Plan upcoming work with convenient visual references by identifying the closest vehicle to a Point of Interest
  • Identify when vehicles are entering or leaving a Point of Interest
  • Assist with driver time sheet verification

Manage time and resources more efficiently by planning your routes and highlighting destinations with our geo-fencing functionality.

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0844 calls are charged between 1p and 13p per minute, plus a 15p call set up fee from landlines. Calls from mobiles are typically between 5p and 41p per minute. Calls may be monitored and/or recorded.