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You know that customers looking for a used car want one that's in good condition, reliable and offers great value for money. Well, that's exactly what you'll be able to offer them when you join the RAC Inspected Vehicles programme.

What is an RAC vehicle inspection?

It's an inspection that will provide your customers with an accurate summary of the current condition of the vehicle and means they won't have to arrange their own inspection.

What does the inspection cover?

It will check and evaluate the condition of all the key components of a vehicle including the engine, gearbox, clutch, cooling system, steering, brakes, suspension, drive shafts, electrical, security, wheels and tyres, under body, interior trim, and body work.

What are the benefits?

Our Inspected Vehicles service enables you to get the used cars on your forecourt inspected by a qualified RAC engineer who will produce a detailed report for each vehicle.

You can choose to have a report done prior to a vehicle being put up for sale allowing you to put right any deficiencies it highlights so that you can be confident of getting the best price on each vehicle.

What influence will it have on my customers?

Our research shows that customers value the independence of the report, the peace of mind it provides, have greater trust in the dealer, expect the dealer to have better quality cars and would be more likely to buy a used car from an RAC Inspected Vehicle dealer. They are also prepared to pay more for a used car from an RAC Inspected Vehicle dealer.

What makes RAC a good choice for vehicle inspections?

The RAC brand is recognised as the trusted, independent and expert friend of the motorist. Being able to display the RAC Inspected Vehicle orange tag on your cars will communicate straight away to your customers that your cars have been independently checked and that your dealership takes pride in selling good quality vehicles.

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