Fleet tracking enables businesses to monitor their drivers and vehicles 24/7. With GPS tracking and automated alerts as standard, managers can now track their fleet with a real-time view. With the constant demand for increased productivity and lower costs, tracking gives companies the edge they need to become more competitive.

How can RAC Telematics fleet tracking give businesses more control of their vehicles?

RAC Telematics fleet tracking provides businesses with a variety of ways to help them take control of their fleet. From refining relatively mundane processes such as validating manual driver time sheets to the more important task of improving ETAs, tracking doesn’t just increase control and drive up efficiencies, it also drives down costs. Whether from your laptop or smartphone, our 24/7 tracking system gives businesses data feeds enabling them to monitor drivers and goods, day and night, improving both delivery times and customer care. Alongside that, with the ability to monitor how their fleet is used on the road managers can now minimise vehicle wear and tear by managing driver behaviour, reducing repair costs whilst increasing driver effectiveness.  

Fleet tracking allows businesses to control their vehicles from the office, so managers have the ability to implement change to their fleet movements whilst their vehicles are on the road. Businesses can set up a mileage identifier enabling reduced running costs, as well as being able to plan ahead with a variety of automated alerts. With real time control, employers can also ensure their drivers’ time-keeping is prompt and that they drive within the legal speed limit. 

Being able to create points of interests also allows businesses to set regular customer and supplier locations to make journey times more efficient. These features can be implemented within defined parameters, with businesses being able to set dates, times and curfew alerts on unauthorised vehicle movements and even lack of vehicle movement. 

All of this operates under the umbrella of businesses being able to receive expert support from our dedicated Telematics team, who can help implement the system seamlessly. 

Put simply, fleet tracking puts companies back into the driving seat of their company’s vehicles. 

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