Fuel cards – how they can help your business

Fuel cards have many advantages for businesses of all sizes, especially with rising fuel costs. It not only gives you the power to locate lower prices at the pump, but offers savings from reduced administration costs.

Do you still work on the 'pay and reclaim' model? Switching to fuel cards with their HMRC-compliant billing could help your business reduce costs, and offer convenience and control.

Do you still need convincing? Take a look at our top benefits of using the RAC Fuel Card.

1. You can monitor where your drivers are purchasing their fuel and encourage them to buy from lower cost supermarket fuel locations, saving you money.

2. The RAC Fuel Card offers greater accuracy on fuel spend compared to the fixed price-per-mile rate so that your business does not overspend.

3. Product purchase restrictions can be applied to drivers ensuring that they only buy what they need.

4. Our Fuel Card can help you with improved cash flow as we offer up to 45 days interest free credit.

5. The management tools that accompany the RAC Fuel Card can help to anticipate and reduce future fuel costs.

6. You no longer need to rely on your drivers’ financial situation. If your drivers are short of money, are you sure that they will go that extra mile for you and claim the money back later?

7. With fuel spend on all your vehicles at your fingertips, you can incentivise changes in driver behaviour. 

8. How much time and effort goes into chasing receipts? No matter the size of the business we think it’s too much of your valuable time. With our RAC Fuel Card, you get one HMRC consolidated invoice, so that you don’t need to worry about the administrative hassle of receipts and claiming back VAT.

9. You can identify and put a stop to suspicious behaviour such as drivers filling up too late in the evening or too often.

10. Fuel cards allow you to accurately measure your carbon footprint and CO2 emissions and help to reduce them.

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