What is telematics? Basically it's a small box which is fitted in vehicles to track how and where they are being driven.

Telematics vehicle tracking tech is now big news in the fleet world as increasing numbers of businesses are using the technology.

The installation process will be too disruptive…

Installation is a simple process and scalable from SMEs to large, diverse fleets. A small box is mounted inside the vehicle, which sends data back to allow fleet managers to track vehicle activity. Managers can then monitor location, speed, driving style and time-keeping, as well as receive instant notification of accidents from their laptop or mobile phone, so you can be in control 24/7 365 days a year.

Telematics is just too expensive for my business…

This is certainly not necessarily the case. The operational efficiencies and savings can more than make up for the costs. You can potentially increase jobs per day, eliminate false miles, and improve the accuracy of timesheets. The RAC has developed one of the most reasonably-priced solutions on the market to help you get your return on investment (ROI) as quickly as possible.

I already monitor driver routes, why do I need telematics?

You may already have processes in place to give you an idea of how your drivers are performing. However, telematics takes this miles further. Managers are able to display multiple vehicles on a single map to build a real-time picture of their fleet and driver behaviour. The telematics technology can really help businesses make operational efficiencies and take control of their fleet.

It will be difficult to secure driver buy-in

Telematics tracking offer benefits for drivers too, proving that they’ve delivered on time and reducing their paperwork, as well as helping with vehicle maintenance and route-finding.

How can telematics help my business?

Alerts are sent to fleet managers on vehicle health management such as low reading batteries. This can be useful in reducing vehicle downtime and labour intensive diagnostic evaluation, as well as inform de-fleeting by measuring useful vehicle lifetime. Telematics can help with accident management too by providing a detailed accident snapshot.

The data is nice to have but how can I actually use it?

Turning data into useful insight can be difficult no matter the size of your business. With an easy-to-use dashboard, RAC Telematics can help businesses turn their fleet management data into workable solutions, such as planning vehicle maintenance.

Choose your telematics system

With all the big benefits from telematics, we think that fleets should put telematics firmly on their to-do list. It is important to choose a solution that works with your business strategy.

At the RAC, we offer a partnership approach and the RAC Telematics system is one of the most affordable and comprehensive solutions on the market.

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