Top reasons to use the RAC Fuel Card

Fuel cards have many advantages for businesses of all sizes, especially with rising fuel costs. It not only gives you the power to locate lower prices at the pump, but offers savings from reduced administration costs. Fuel cards could be the smarter option to help your business reduce costs, and offer convenience and control.

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The grey fleet challenge 

Grey fleet vehicles are estimated at more than three times the number of company cars in the UK*. But how much do you actually know about them? How many vehicles are in your grey fleet? Are they insured properly? Or even licensed? No matter the size of your company, tackling the grey fleet challenge head on could help your business save money and meet duty of care responsibilities.

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*according to the Energy Savings Trust.

The truth about telematics

Telematics, just how much do you know about it? These vehicle tracking systems are big news in the fleet world as businesses sees its potential to offer a competitive advantage. But with this powerful tech becoming increasingly sophisticated, we thought it was time to answer some of the questions you may have and offer the ‘truth about telematics’…

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Ways to cut fleet costs

In the current, tough financial market all fleet managers are seeking ways to cut costs. As your business is our business, we've pulled together some key ways to save which will allow your business to succeed without compromising on either safety or quality.

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