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What Does RAC Home Rescue Cover?

Whether you are looking for a new Breakdown Cover package or to renew your existing cover, RAC Home Rescue (sometimes known as Home Start) has probably come up when weighing up your various options. This additional level of covers means we will attend your car if it breaks down at home, or within a quarter of a mile of your home. If you prefer, you can even book a time for us to come and fix your vehicle. Not just that, here at the RAC we are proud to provide our cover at a low price, whilst delivering first-class service. That means if your car does break down, you will receive Breakdown Cover that will send an RAC Patrol to your home to fix your car 24/7.

RAC Home Rescue

When choosing their cover, most drivers quite rightly focus on which provider offers the best service for when their car breaks down on the roadside. What they probably don’t realise is that a car breakdown is most likely to occur at your home, on Monday at 8.34am, before you’ve even left the driveway. The main reason for RAC Patrols being called out at this time is a flat car battery. A flat battery can be due to either faulty connections, broken alternators, cold weather and repeated short journeys. The main problem with this is that the first time you know about your car breaking down is the last time you want it to be happening. This is where the benefits of breakdown cover with RAC Home Rescue come in.

Tempting as it is to think you could get your local garage to fix your car, these breakdowns tend to coincide with the worst of the rush hour, and trying to push your or tow your vehicle to the garage at this time is far from appealing. Having RAC Home Rescue as part of your Breakdown Cover will ensure if your car does break down at your home, then you will be attended to by one of the most well prepared breakdown services in the country. With 118 years of breakdown experience, RAC Patrols reach our members in under 40 minutes, on average, fix four out of five of the vehicles they attend and, of the vehicles they fix, are able to do so in under 34 minutes.

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